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Welcome to Outsourced Real Estate Trust Accounting.

Real Estate Trust accounting specialist.

Outsourced Real Estate Trust Accounting provides clients with specialised cloud based trust account management for real estate agencies providing day to day management of trust accounts without the expense of having a full time onsite trust accountant. 

Working in accordance with the highest professional standards Outsourced will be able to manage your rental and sales trust account to perfection and compliant with all relevant legislation.

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Outsourced Real Estate Trust Accounting specialise in the day to day management of Real Estate Trust accounts.

Ensuring that your agencies Trust Accounts are managed correctly is a very important task and one that we at Outsourced take very seriously.

With the legal requirements in place we will work in accordance will all legislative requirements and will provide day to day reporting to the agency.

With over 28 years experience in the Property Management industry Outsourced Real Estate Trust accounting will be able to assist you with all trust account management for sales and rentals. Specialising in Property Tree and Property Me, Box & Dice, Agent Box and various other programs.

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Basic Consultation

Initial consultation will be required in order for Outsourced to get an understanding of the scope of works required in your office.

Every office is different and is it extremely important to determine the time required to effectively manage the Trust accounting for your Real Estate Agency.

Meeting either face to face or via an online consultation working out the requirements for your business is of key importance.

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Ongoing Management

At Outsourced we stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the complexities. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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Comprehensive Analysis

In a lot of offices having a full time trust accountant is not economically viable for the business. In a small office a lot of the time a Director ends up with the job of running the trust accounts which is not dollar productive.

For a relatively small investment your office can benefit from having your trust accounting done out off office.

Using your existing trust accounting software Outsourced will be able to log in remotely to assist you with invoice entry, paying of creditors, landlords, tenants (where required) and also payment to the agency.

Outsourced can also manage your sales trust account transactions such as receipting deposits, disbursing deposits to solicitors of vendors, paying the sales and advertising to the agency upon a Section 27 or settlement taking place and providing account sales to relevant parties to the transaction.

Experienced in trust accounting using the following systems plus more:

Property Tree

Property Me

Box & Dice

Agent Box


RP Office

Inside Business

Bank reconciliation and end of month processing

Understanding the importance of balancing doing a daily bank reconciliation is of the utmost importance.

Ensuring that your trust account is compliant Outsourced will carry out the day to day tasks to ensure that at all times your trust accounts balance and that funds are dealt with correctly and legally.

At end of month outsourced will carry out your end of month processing and provide you with the required reports that be signed off on by the Officer in Effective Control.

Office Conference

Property Management training

Managing Director Matthew Klein offers over 28 years experience in the Real Estate industry, with multifaceted approach Matthew offers extensive experience in all aspects of Property Management including VCAT preparation and attendance, dispute resolution, systems and procedures, staff management and all legislative requirements.

Having managed several large property management departments in both Melbourne and Sydney and most recently being a partner in an Inner West Real Estate Agency in Melbourne the level of expertise that Matthew offers is extensive.

Financial Analyst

Introductory Session

No matter what type of financial situation you have, we will provide the best course of action.

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Comprehensive Analysis

We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the accounting complexities. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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